3D Hull & Pipe Modeling

Conceptual Design

Pipe Production

ARTI Engineering is an independent marine consultancy and design company established in 2001 in Tuzla, Istanbul where the heart of the Turkish shipbuilding industry beats. ARTI Engineering offers a range of services to the marine and offshore industries based on cost effective future technologies.


Hull structure and ship piping systems are intensively modeled as 3D by competent users. Namely, all items which create the hull and associated systems are modeled in NUPAS-CADMATIC software. Detailed information is delivered to the customer with high level of accuracy.


ARTI engineering Ltd. is embodied by proficient people to determine the correct design parameters such as ship dimensions, hull form, required power and propeller type according to the customer's needs. Furthermore, hull lines, fairing, engineering calculations and structural details are processed by means of leading software packages according to the latest rules and regulations. .
Pipes for various size and types of the vessels have been producing and delivering since the beginnign of 2008 to the domestic market.

Prosecures for the best quality is assured and obeyed by highly skilled workers. As a result, pre-manifactured machinery and ship piping packages have been higly interested by the market.


2013 / National reseller and authorized training center of NESTIX
2008 / The pipe workshop was founded
2007 / NAPA implemented for the conceptual design and engineering calculations
2005 / National reseller and authorized training center of NUPAS-CADMATIC
2004 / First user of NUPAS-CADMATIC in Turkey
2001 / ARTI Engineering  founded